How do I track time in Harlow?

Tracking your time in Harlow is simple!

1.  You can start tracking your time by clicking on the clock icon at the top of your screen. You can find this clock icon on any page of the Harlow app.

Clicking the clock icon will turn the timer red and start your time tracker instantly. 

2. To associate time with a client, project or task, just click on the running time and a drawer will open so you can populate all of the relevant details. 

3. To pause your time, just click on the red pause icon next to your running time and your timer will be paused.

4. To unpause, click on the light green play button (see image above) and your time will start tracking again. 

5. To stop tracking time, click on the running time, and select "Stop Timer" from the drawer. 

All of your saved time will show up in the Time Tracking tab. 

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