Can I have multiple users in Harlow?

Yes! As of June 2023, you can invite additional users into your Harlow account.

From the Settings section, click on the User Management Tab where you will have the option to add additional Users.

  • Teammates have access to all the same great information you do, but are unable to view your billing & subscription details.  This profile is designed for a co-founder or business partner, or even your virtual assistant who might send out invoices or proposals on your behalf. 
  • Collaborators: Collaborators are able to see tasks & time tracking associated with specific clients and projects you give them access to. This profile is great for subcontractors who are working on a piece of the project but don’t need to see all your financial details. 

You can see a detailed list of permissions here.

If you select Collaborator Role, you will be prompted to assign access based on the client and/or project. Anytime you add a new client or project you will need to grant access to your collaborators individually.

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