Latest Release Notes

June 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Add users to your Harlow account

Our biggest release to date. You can now invite your virtual assistants, sub-contractors, and business partners into your Harlow account! Just head on over to the Settings section of the app, and you can invite users via the User Management tab.

You can determine the level of access you want to assign depending on your needs.  

  • Teammates:  Teammates have access to all the same great information you do, but are unable to view your billing & subscription details.  This profile is designed for a co-founder or business partner, or even your virtual assistant who might send out invoices or proposals on your behalf. 
  • Collaborators: Collaborators are able to see tasks & time tracking associated with specific clients and projects you give them access to. This profile is great for subcontractors who are working on a piece of the project but don’t need to see all your financial details. 

A full list of permissions can be found here.

New Pricing & Editions

Harlow now offers 3 unique plans based on your needs.

Solo: $19/mo

This plan includes everything you need to get started with Harlow. Unlimited Clients & Projects, Invoicing, Integrated Payments, Proposal & Contract Templates, Task Management, Time Tracking & 1 Collaborator.

Professional: $29/mo

This plan includes everything in Solo plus the ability to invoice in multiple currencies, priority support & 3 additional Teammates and Collaborators

Advanced: $39/mo

Everything in Professional plus white glove product onboarding, account migration support & unlimited Teammates and Collaborators.

February 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Add document links to Tasks and Client Doc section

Want to keep all of your client documents in one place? Instead of just uploading files, you can now include links to websites, google docs, and more in the client document section and on tasks. 

January 2023 Release Notes

New Features

Add time to invoices!

We're so pumped for this small but mighty feature. For as much as we all hate time tracking, we have to do it. Now you can roll up time logs from a specific client directly to the invoice. Using the new "Add Time" link, you'll be prompted to select a specific time range, and we'll add all of the billable time logs from that time period to the invoice. We even link the invoice to the time log so you'll always know if and when it was billed. 

Set hourly rate by client

We've added a new field to the client slider so you can now set your hourly rate by client and it will automatically populate the rate field on proposals & invoices. Of course, you're free to update it and adjust as needed. 

Categorize time logs as billable/non-billable

Easily flag your time logs as billable or non-billable. This allows you to track ALL your time, but only roll up billable hours to your client invoices.

December 2022 Release Notes

New Features

New Client status to track prospects

We've added a few new options for you to the client status field. You can now categorize clients in the following ways: Active Client, Archived Client, Active Prospect, and Archived Prospect. 

All of these options are available on the main dashboard and the client overview screen making it easy to search and find who you are looking for. 

Add client logos & customize colors

You can now assign specific colors to your clients and even upload their logos to display on the main dashboard.

Sign in to Harlow using email & password

For everyone who wanted to try Harlow but couldn't because they didn't have a google account, we have you covered! Now all your friends can sign up for Harlow using email & password OR google sign-in. 

November 2022 Release Notes

New Features

New pricing component in proposal templates

We're not gonna lie. The old pricing table on proposals was hard to use. We've built an awesome new pricing component for proposals that matches what we use on invoices so you easily add line items to your proposals. 

Auto-create draft invoices when a proposal is signed

Once your proposal has been signed we'll even auto-create a draft of the invoice for you. You'll get an email in your inbox to review the invoice and add any relevant details before sending it over to your client. 

Show tasks & due invoices in calendar component

Now you can see more than just your google meetings on the calendar component. We'll also show you any relevent tasks or invoices due that day. 

Add estimated time to tasks & projects

You can now add estimated time to specific projects or tasks and compare the actual time logged vs your estimate. 

October 2022 Release Notes

New Features


Do you have clients across the globe? Now Harlow allows you to invoice in multiple currencies. All of your charts and dashboards in Harlow are converted to your primary conversion rate based on the exchange rate on the day of payment. 

Accept ACH-only payments via Stripe

Now you can easily set up your Stripe integration to ONLY accept ACH transfers rather than both credit card & ACH. 

September 2022 Release Notes

New Features

Integrated Payments with Paypal!

Get paid with PayPal directly from your Harlow invoice. With integrated payments, your clients will see the option to pay via PayPal directly on their invoice. One the payment is complete, we'll mark the invoice as paid for you in Harlow.

Auto-reminders on Invoices

No more stressing about following up with unpaid invoices!  We'll do the hard work for you with automated payment reminders. 

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add an invoice email field to settings so you can customize the email that is displayed on your invoices.

July 2022 Release Notes

New Features

Integrated Payments with Stripe!

We've launched our stripe integration so customers can now send invoices and have their customers pay via credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or ACH through Stripe.  Once the payment is complete, we'll update your invoice to paid so you don't have to lift a finger.

Create Clients & Projects on the Fly

One of my favorite new features! Now you can create a new client, project or task on the fly! Entering a new task to follow up with a prospect but you haven't entered them as a client yet? You can now quickly create that new client inline as you are creating the task - no more jumping around the app to get the basics done. 

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Keep invoice line items in the order they were created.  Previously invoice line items would get reordered once they were edited, now they stay in the same order that you created them in. 
  • Added the Company Name from settings to the invoice.
  • Added a "Mark as Sent" option to invoices for those times when you invoice through a client's system but still want to capture the invoice amount and progress in Harlow. 

May 2022 Release Notes

New Features

Import Historical Invoices

New to Harlow, but been freelancing for a while? Now you can easily import old invoices into Harlow so you can get a complete view of your business from day one. Simply input all of your previous invoice information into the provided CSV file and import it into Harlow. If you haven't created clients yet, we'll automatically create them for you so your invoices stay associated with the correct accounts. 

100+ New Currencies

Harlow currency supports over 150 currencies so wherever in the world you are freelancing, we can help support you.  A full list of currencies is located here.

Improved Task Creation

Need to add 10 tasks at once? We've made it super easy and streamlined to do so. Create a task from either the list or board view in-line.

2 New Proposal Templates!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved issue where client finance dashboard was not being filtered by the client. 
  • Prepopulate the payment terms on the client, if payment terms have been customized in settings. 

April 2022 Release Notes

New Features


  • Customize invoice numbers.  In the settings section, you can now customize your starting invoice number. 
  • Invoice & proposal emails are now sent from YOU rather than Harlow.


  • Tasks can now be created without assigning them to a client. Have a personal task that you want to track? Now you can add it without associating it with a placeholder client.
  • Automatically set task date to today when creating from the Today column. Seems smart, right?


  • Edit time logs directly from the time tracking page. 
  • Minor UI updates to help users better understand how to add clients, pause and stop time from icon in the top nav. 

Settings & Main Dashboard

  • Color picker in settings. We added a simple color picker in settings so you don't always have to come up with precise HEX numbers for your corporate branding. 
  • New coach marks to help you navigate the app the first time you log in.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved the Calendar timezone issue where all-day meetings were showing up a day early. 
  • Fixed the issue where country dropdowns were not in alphabetical order for Firefox users.
  • Invoices & time tracking charts now reload automatically instead of requiring a page refresh.
  • Added Rupee currency to the app.
  • Fixed issue where users logo wasn't rendering properly on invoices.
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