How to import invoices

Harlow allows you to import your historical invoices so you can get a complete view of your finances from day one.  To successfully import past invoices follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Import Data > Import Invoices

2. From the drawer, download the xls file.

3. Populate the file with previous invoices that you want to show up in Harlow.  Keep in mind the following:

  • Client Name: The client name in the spreadsheet must exactly match the client name in Harlow in order for us to match past invoices to your current clients. If the client name does not match an existing client, we will create a new client record, and associate the invoice to that new record. 
  • Dates: Be sure to use the following date format mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Currency: By default, we will use the currency that is defined in the settings section of Harlow. In the spreadsheet, you do not need to include a currency symbol and do not use commas. 
  • Paid Y/N: If you have invoices that are still unpaid, be sure to indicate that in the spreadsheet and they will be imported as such.

4. Save the file in CSV format.

5. Upload the file. 

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